Leftover Steak Lettuce Wraps

Leftover Steak Lettuce Wrap photo

Not just for lunch, make this for a quick dinner or appetizer. Truth be told, sometimes I mix it all up and eat it as a salad. The dressing will last in the fridge for a week.






Combine the dressing ingredients in a bowl, and whisk well. Set aside.

Place veg and steak in piles on a large plate or platter with lettuce leaves, noodles, and dressing.

To prepare your wrap, spoon some noodles, onto a lettuce leaf, top with vegetables and steak, and drizzle with sauce and top with a few peanuts and basil. Roll it up and dive in!

NOTE: Sesame oil is a very strong, lovely oil, used as a condiment and in moderation. Be sure to buy the toasted sesame oil, that is brown in color, the untoasted is better suited for cooking with and doesn’t have that rich flavor. Store your sesame oil in the fridge.

A note about pre-shredded veg. Okay, I get it, it’s easy and very accessible. But do you know when the heck those buggers were shredded or spiraled or chopped? Me either. Honestly, a food processor (affiliate link) is pretty darn easy too and will pay for itself in no time. And your veg will be fresh, fresh, fresh!



This recipe is low-carb and gluten-free, (if you purchase gluten-free condiments, of course).

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