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my nephew kevin geraghty
Sweet Kevin, probably around 15 years old? Cutie.

Hi friends, thank you in advance for reading this post. No recipes today; my goal is to use my tiny platform to bring more awareness to a terrible disease inflicted upon our family. ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s

As I write this (with blessings from Kevin and Tessa), I sit in a lovely inn in Oranmore, Ireland. Preparing for our GráBia Food Tour, which begins on Sunday. It’s a bittersweet day. Let me tell you why. 

Bittersweet day because my nephew Kevin Geraghty (my brother Mike’s only son) was diagnosed with ALS in January of 2022. Kevin, his wife Tessa, his sisters (and their darling hubs), my brother and his wife Joanie, and the rest of us are wrecked over this. Bitter because I can’t be at the gala tonight, but sweet because I love my family.

To put it bluntly, the prognosis of ALS is never good. But like every story, there is a positive twist. 

That positive twist is Kevin and Tessa, who tonight will be welcoming over 600 people to The Omni Viking Lakes Hotel in Eagan for the ‘A Love Story’ Gala. All proceeds from the event go to ALS-TDI research. From the moment of his diagnosis, Kevin and Tessa have been working tirelessly with them to bring awareness and a cure to this underfunded disease. Kevin and Tessa have set up a website and non-profit fund, Geraghty Fights ALS, to bring more awareness to this cruel disease.

“Immediately after accepting the diagnosis, I made a vow that I would fight this with everything that I have. I will not stop throwing punches in my effort to END ALS.” ~ Kevin Geraghty

Read Kevin and Tessa’s own love story

Homer Simpson burger at Shamrocks pub in st. paul
The Homer Simpson Burger at Shamrocks. It's really quite tasty. Proceeds benefit ALS-TDI.

How can I help, you ask?

Visit Shamrocks Pub in St. Paul on W. 7th Street, and order their burger of the month, the Homer Simpson burger. All proceeds go directly to ALS-TDI research. It’s in honor of Kevin and his journey. Thank you, Caspers and Runyons. You guys rock.

Another way is to keep your eyes peeled for an Ales for ALS event in your area. They are held all over the country, so please have a pint or two and help support them.

And please read their story.

geraghty fights ALS hats
Buy a hat, eat a burger and please, share, share, share!
kevin and tessa's wedding day
Their wedding day. Talk about A Love Story.

A lil sidenote: the A Love Story Gala was sponsored AND sold-out before they even got the invitation out. That’s due to the amazing force of my niece Tessa. Girl, you are a rock for our family. We love you.

A note of gratitude

I hope you will all remember Kevin. The next time you bend to tie your shoe, Kevin can’t do that anymore. Scratch an itch? He can’t do that either.  Kevin needs help with every aspect of his day. Yet he is so grateful for life and those helping him. He needs help with every aspect of his day.

This disease has robbed him of so much in a little over a year. It affects so many people and is cruel as hell. So please help us keep up the good fight and support Geraghty Fights ALS.

Thanks for reading. I truly appreciate you all.